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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Most Ridiculous Item(s) of the Day

There's two items for today.

#1. The Geritol solution

A private company is already carrying out this plan. Some scientists call it promising while others worry about the ecological fallout.

Planktos Inc. of Foster City, Calif., last week launched its ship, the Weatherbird II, on a trip to the Pacific Ocean to dump 50 tons of iron dust. The iron should grow plankton, part of an algae bloom that will drink up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Then there's #2, the Solar Umbrella
For far-out concepts, it's hard to beat Roger Angel's. Last fall, the University of Arizona astronomer proposed what he called a "sun shade." It would be a cloud of small Frisbee-like spaceships that go between Earth and the sun and act as an umbrella, reducing heat from the sun.
Somebody stop these people. Please. Before its too late.

My apologies to Bill O'Reilly for using his slogan (The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day). But at least, I acknowledged him.

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