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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kyoto Kops

Kyoto architect Maurice Strong surfaces. And he's got big plans. Hat tip to Scott at Magic Statistics:

Former UN Undersecretary General Maurice Strong calls on Canada to spearhead a drive to establish a permanent World Climate Commission with authority to act as the planet's climate cops.
There's that old socialist agenda once again - when independent countries won't - or can't - meet Kyoto's tough (and totally ineffective) emissions targets, Strong suggests giving the UN powers to enforce Kyoto! In Chairman Mo's own words:
I propose a new kind of commission be established -- a World Climate Commission. It would be permanent in nature, unlike previous commissions that addressed more limited issues and disbanded after making their reports.

The commission would be mandated by the United Nations and would be autonomous in its operations. It would draw upon and reinforce the efforts and mandates of other organizations, notably, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, as the primary source of scientific advice, the United Nations Environment Program, the World Meteorological Association, and the UN secretariat serving the Climate Change Convention. It would seek out and respond to the advice of other organizations and actors, providing the channels through which they can contribute to the kind of focused and concerted action that is essential, and for which no single body is now responsible. It would monitor all activities involving climate change and report to governments and to the UN, evaluating the progress and performance of all of the actors, providing specific recommendations that would be expected to have a significant influence on public opinion and on the actions of government, industry and others.
Kyoto Kops. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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