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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The new morality of Global Warming Alarmists

In this article at The American Thinker, Tim Thorstenson asks "Why Did Global Warming Become a Moral Matter?"

As a scientist, I find the current strategy of the global warming crusade to be fascinating. Particularly because I am a scientist, I also find it insulting. Everyone should find it very disturbing.

I am referring to the fact that the global warming issue is now regarded as a "moral" matter by its advocates. None other than The High Priest of Global Warming (Al Gore) has decreed it as such.
Thorstenson explains why the global warming alarmists want desperately to make this a moral matter and not a scientific one.

1 comment:

Zookeeper said...

Thorstenson is astute in observing that those on the left, who used to scorn any sort of morals-based argument, are now relying on one.

I suppose it depends on whose ox is being, um, Gored.