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Friday, January 18, 2008

Afghan cold snap kills hundreds

via BBC News:

The number of people who have died due a cold snap in Afghanistan has risen to 200, government officials say.

Four large provinces in the western part of the country have been especially badly hit. Tens of thousands of livestock have also perished.

Local people are saying the winter conditions have been the most severe in decades. The cold spell is also affecting neighbouring countries.

Tens of thousands of sheep, vital for local livelihoods, have also perished in the cold.

At the other end of the country, the north-east, people say recent snowfalls have been the heaviest for 20 years.
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Zookeeper said...

Our local paper had a big photospread on how AGW has hurt the Harbin winter festival's ice sculpture display. The day the story ran, the actual temperature in Harbin was -27C, with temperatures forecast to remain in the -20s despite the average for January being -13.

There have been no accounts of the snow in Baghdad or the cold snap in Iran.

No bias to be found in the media, nosirree.