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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold weather chills

ATLANTA (AP) — Freezing cold spread across the South and all the way to the Gulf Coast early Sunday, a day after the region got an unusual coating of snow.

Alabama bundles up for hard freeze after brief snowfall

Chicago Tribune:

It was so cold that, for much of the morning, even the polar bears at Lincoln Park Zoo stayed in their dens.

Officials activated the city's "extreme weather plan" to assist people suffering from the extreme cold, checking on seniors, directing people to shelters and answering complaints from customers without heat or water
NBC5 Chicago: Bitter, Dangerous Cold Grips Area

Maine News: The weather story for the next few days will be the bone chilling cold, with a Monday high of 18 degrees, a Tuesday high of 26 degrees and a Wednesday high of 24 degrees.


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