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Friday, January 18, 2008

The current leader of the opposition

Stephane Dion demonstrates why I like to refer to him as the current leader of the the Liberal Party of Canada and Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition:

OTTAWA -- The government of Pakistan has blasted Liberal Leader Stephane Dion for his "irrational'' suggestion that NATO intervention might be necessary in the troubled South Asian country that borders Afghanistan.

"We are dismayed by the statement of the leader of Opposition,'' the government said in a statement released late Thursday by the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa.

"It shows a lack of understanding of the ground realities.''
h/t: to Darcy who says, "Stephane Dion grows smaller, more irrelevant" to which I would add, "every time he opens his mouth".

One day Dion wants to end Canada's Afghan mission, the next he wants to invade one of our allies. One is left to scratch his ear trying to figure this one out!

But it might help to explain this.

Update: video by Steve Janke. h/t: NB Tory Lady

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