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Monday, January 28, 2008

It's a cold, cold world...

Not just in Canada...

  • Stormy, wet, cold weather will prevail throughout the country in the next three days. Snow will fall on Mount Hermon and possibly on mountains in the central region and the Negev. Jerusalem and the northern communities are bracing for snow while the airports have been put on special snow and storm alert.
  • The freezing cold that has gripped the eastern parts of Turkey for the last couple of weeks is now having effects on the western parts of the country as well. Due to a new cold front moving into Turkey from the Black Sea, many western cities have seen snowfall and strong winds. İstanbul is one of the cities in the clutches of the cold weather.
  • EDMONTON - Cold-man winter blew his frigid breath across Alberta and Saskatchewan on Monday, prompting extreme weather warnings as wind chills plunged toward a deadly -50 C in some communities.

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