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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Carfbon tax is nonsense

Would achieve nothing but fatten gov't treasuries, says Tom Brodbeck in today's Winnipeg Sun:

Climate change alarmists have for years been urging governments to jack up taxes at the pumps, arguing the move would discourage people from driving and would reduce emissions.

Their theories have been largely discredited. Evidence in Canada has shown little relationship between higher gas taxes and pump prices and reduced driving habits.


So what would another five or 10-cent carbon tax achieve on top of the existing ones, except to fatten the already bulging treasuries of our governments?
Absolutely nothing.

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Zookeeper said...

We should just get in the habit of asking the proponents of such taxes what effect there will be on global temperature. If they actually have an answer, ask them what it's based on. Even the IPCC admits Kyoto will make no measurable difference.

The sooner the emptiness of all this is revealed, the better.