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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Media bias?

...or just a lack of basic fact checking? In an article dated Jan 19, 2008 in the Ottawa Citizen, entitled Harper's got mail, but Martin has it:

Almost a year after Stephen Harper was sworn in as Canada's 22nd Prime Minister, e-mails to his website are still addressed to his predecessor.
The story itself is pretty much a non-event, a simple IT glitch that can be easily fixed by any computer nerd. But the report's mistake is repeated.
The confusion that could arise from addressing electronic mail to a former Liberal PM when the current Conservative PM has been in place since Feb. 6, 2007, is not a matter of concern to an unidentified spokesman in the Prime Minister's Office, it seems.
At best this is just an example of very poor fact checking. Or is it a subtle attempt to make readers forget that Stephen Harper has been our Prime Minister for almost 2 years now?

Blogging Tories

Let's hope that reporter Iris Winston and his editors do a better job of basic fact checking when they are dealing with a story of some importance.

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