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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Environmental extremism

...must be put in its place in the climate debate, by Dr. Tim Ball & Tom Harris:

Many people are starting to realize that much of what they’ve been told about climate change by governments, the United Nations and crusading celebrities is simply wrong. Not surprisingly, the assertion that “the science is settled” in a field the public is coming to understand is both immature and quickly evolving, is triggering growing public skepticism.
RTWT at Canada Free Press.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our piece. The open letter to the UN Sec Gen at may also interest you - the UN have not replied.

Tom Harris

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Tom, you are more than welcome. You and Dr. Ball are doing great work. We should all be thanking you!

Here's a link to your open letter. I previously posted about it on Dec 15th here.

I doubt that you will ever get a reply from the UN. Unfortunately, the IPCC is driven by political agenda, not science. They have no interest in facts.

Terry said...

I second that motion! Tom Harris and Tim Ball are fighting the good fight for science. Bravo!

When discussing global warming, I find it particularly appalling that otherwise educated persons - scientists - are willing to put aside their normal healthy skepticism and believe all this crap. It seems to be a herd mentality. The fashionable and PC thing to do is to go along with the hysteria, so as not to be seen as 'selfish'.

In my view this is the most serious perversion of science in my lifetime (I'm 55). It is akin to the Lamarckian genetics of Soviet Russia - don't speak out or risk being labeled a 'denier'.

And the damage that will likely be done to society trying to fix this 'crisis' could be substantial. Few issues get me steamed like this one.