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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Analyzing the costs of Kyoto

From Brian at Home in Hespeler:

I have been looking over a report from the International Council for Capital Formation in the costs to Germany of the Kyoto protocol. The report, Kyoto Protocol and Beyond: The Economic Cost to Germany, concludes that home heating oil prices will rise by nearly 30%; gasoline and diesel prices 9 - 12%; industry would pay 30% more for natural gas and electricity; GDP would shrink 1.4-1.7 by 2025 (60 - 73 Billion Canadian Dollars); and Job losses would be 318,000 by 2010 and between 519,000 and 622,000 by 2025.

All these conclusions are based on the assumption that Germany's nuclear capacity remains unchanged. However, Germany has made a commitment to retire it's nuclear capacity by 2020, meaning the "economic implications of the proposed policies to limit CO2 emissions would be more severe."
The report was actually released in 2005, but it's worth reading. The full report is here (pdf).

And here's a more recent presentation (Jan 2006) from the ICCF on the Costs of Kyoto for Europe and Alternative Courses After 2012 (ppt) by Dr. Margo Thorning who also authored A Marshall Plan for Global Warming.

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