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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ockham’s Razor takes a slice at global warming

Taking a hard look at the IPCC Report:

If Franciscan friar William of Ockham were alive today, he would reject the IPCC report and instead point to the work of Dr. Henrik Svensmark, who presents hard data showing variations in solar activity control nearly all global warming and cooling.

Ockham argued that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating, or "shaving off", those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory. (Hence, Ockham’s Razon, which shaves away the unnecessary assumptions.) As applied to the IPCC Global Warming report, Ockham would shave away pretty much everything between the two covers dealing with anthropomorphic (human caused) sources of global warming. Why? Because Dr. Svensmark’s research does not require models, assumptions and other hand waving. His research shows that the amount of cosmic radiation hitting the atmosphere controls the amount of low level cloud cover (which the IPCC says controls global warming), and the amount of solar radiation controls the amount of cosmic radiation that gets into our atmosphere.
Could it be that the sun warms the globe?

h/t: Amy Ridenour

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