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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Goracle cometh

The media went ga-ga over Al Gore's presence in the Center of the Universe, a.k.a. "Toronto" where the "great one" gave a presentation of Inconvenient Truth at the U of T last night.

There was no shortage of moonbats on hand either:

There were vegans seeking new recruits, people calling for the closing of Ontario's coal-fired power plants, a Greenpeace mascot dressed as a polar bear -- even the UFO believers showed up.

"I know you won't believe this," one of them, a man named Victor Viggiani, said with a practised tongue, "but the extraterrestrial technology involved in this . . . it's free energy, man. Absolute free energy, and it'll be the end of fossil fuels."
A group called ecoSanity displayed a large banner outside the hall reading "Heed the Goracle."
"It was not our intention to have a religious approach," ecoSanity group founder Glenn MacIntosh said, "but it was our understanding that it was that kind of movement that people were craving; that kind of spiritual connection in their gut."
Does sound a lot like religion though, doesn't it?
"From my perspective, it is a form of religion," said Bruce Crofts, 69, as he held a banner aloft for the East Toronto Climate Action Group amid a lively prelecture crowd outside the old hall.

"The religion for this group is doing something for the environment."
Read more about environmentalism as pseudo-religion.

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