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Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's just not fair (part deux)

The leader of the Liberal Party doesn't like the ads the conservatives are running in Quebec. Apparently, he doesn't like them one bit:

"Mr. Harper is sending on the TV's in Quebec very negative ads about me, and making people mixed up"

Dion said that if Stephen Harper had even a "minimum of decency," he would withdraw the ads during the provincial election.

"If Mr. Harper is a man of honour, he would change his mind, he would apologize," said Dion. "This is what he would say if he was a proud prime minister of Canada."
Citizen Dion considers it OK to joke about Prime Minister Harper's weight, call him a "control freak" a "climate change denier" and a "far right" idealogue, but he thinks it unfair for the Tories to criticize him.

How dare the Conservatives make the voters "mixed up"!

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