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Thursday, February 8, 2007

US Lawmakers Question IPCC Scientists About Climate Change

Scientists from the IPCC testified today to a House committee. Report by Molly Henneberg:

WASHINGTON — Not enough evidence exists that humans are responsible for global warming, so current laws should not be changed to limit greenhouse gas emissions, critics of a global climate change report told a House panel Thursday.

Scientists and lawmakers at the House Science and Technology Committee debated the findings of a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which said the probability that humans are responsible for global warming is greater than 90 percent. That's an increase from its 2001 estimation that put the probability at 66 to 90 percent.
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was not satisfied with the answers he received to his questions from the authors of the IPCC report:
Rohrabacher asked the co-chairwoman of the IPCC what percentage of greenhouse gases are caused naturally rather than by human beings. Chairwoman Susan Solomon said carbon dioxide emissions, the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, "is caused almost entirely by human beings."

Pressed again, she said: "A fair number, regarding the increase since 1750, is that greater than 90 percent of the increase is caused by human activities."

"That wasn't the question, was it?" Rohrabacher retorted. "Listen, this is very dishonest, you're supposed to be a scientist."
Also interviewed in the report is scientist Chris Landsea:
But scientist Chris Landsea, who worked on other reports from the IPCC, a U.N. group, withdrew from participating in the project. An expert on hurricanes and typhoons, he said the report is being motivated by "preconceived agendas" and some of the conclusions are "scientifically unsound."
Link to full story or the video: Hot Issue

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