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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday News Roundup

  • Paul Jackson: Disastrous prospect. The nation will spin into chaos if Dion becomes PM
  • Lorrie Goldstein: So much for media reports of our 'mild' winter being a sign of global warming
  • Paul Driessen: Economic Suicide - Climate alarmism threatens intense pain, for no environmental gain
  • Dennis T. Avery, Hudson Institute: Should We Believe the Latest UN Climate Report?
  • Klaus Rohrich: Threat of climate change more about politics than science
  • Calgary Sun: Opposition passes pro-Kyoto motion
  • Canada '46 per cent above' Kyoto targets
  • Bloomberg: Harper Says Balancing Environment, Jobs `Fundamental'
  • Geoff Metcalf: Global Warming Is a Global Scare Tactic

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