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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dion is not a leader and he's not alone

I couldn't help but think that by introducing his recent motion calling for Canada's new government to meet its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, Citizen Dion has demonstrated that he has greater confidence in Stephen Harper to get the job done than he had in his own former Liberal government. Here's what he said just last year:

"In 2008, I will be part of Kyoto, but I will say to the world I don't think I will make it. Everyone is saying target, target. But ... it is to be more than to reach a target. It's to change the economy. It's to have resource productivity, energy efficiency when we know that energy will be the next crisis for the economy of the world." (National Post, July 1, 2006)
Why else would he call on the Conservatives to meet a challenge that he has openly admitted that he could not possibly do himself?

"It is to be more than to reach a target" indeed. Looks like he wasn't alone on that one...
The European Union was accused yesterday of failing its first test on climate change less than a week after UN scientists warned that urgent action was needed to fight global warming.

The European Commission said it was watering down plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars in the face of intense pressure from car manufacturers.

They have claimed the move would damage Europe's economy and force car manufacture overseas.
h/t: Fred

Meanwhile, it looks like the Liberals are starting to get a bit worried about their one-trick-pony.

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