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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Selling Snake Oil

At Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod wonders about David Suzuki's recent bizarre behaviour:

Did Suzuki lose his global cool because global warming guru Al Gore was due in Toronto within the week of the Oakley-Suzuki interview?

Are Suzuki, Gore and Company trying to ensure man-made global warming as a fait accompli so that Kyoto Protocol architect Maurice Strong will be able to see his life's achievement up in neon lights, among persistent rumours that the elderly Strong is in failing health?

Why would Suzuki fly into a rage if he were only telling the truth?
Judi quotes extensively from an article (which I also posted about a couple of days ago) by Joseph C Ben-Ami, Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values.. Worth repeating:
The jury may still be out when it comes to assessing climate change and global warming; it’s not out when it comes to assessing David Suzuki and the reliability of his testimony though. Suzuki is a charlatan, a shameless self-promoter who foments fear in his audience before promising them salvation – but only if they buy his miracle cure. The only difference is that in his case, Suzuki’s miracle cure is deadly to those who take it.
Emphasis added.

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