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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hargrove on Adler

CAW chief Buzz Hargrove was a guest on Adler On Line on February 14th:

Adler: Buzz, I've only got about 20 seconds here. Give me your best 20 seconds on the Clean Air Act and how that affects jobs.

Hargrove: Well we're really worried. I appeared before a Parliamentary Committe and told them if we introduce the standards that California says they're introducing in 2009, because of the production system that we have with large vehicles and large engines in Canada, that could be the death knell to our industry.

Adler: Anyone paying attention to you, or are you whistling past the graveyard?

Hargrove: I got a pretty good hearing from John Baird. I think he understands it, uh, I got a lesser ear from Stephane Dion, he was pretty tough on the environmental...

Adler: So the guys you voted for last year, last time are kind of letting you down now? 2 seconds.

Hargrove: 2 seconds? That would be accurate, that would be quite accurate at this point.

Adler: Buzz Hargrove, thanks.
Listen to the audio here.

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