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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

David Suzuki wants to hear from you.

David Suzuki is currently traveling across Canada on his much ballyhooed If you were Prime Minister tour. He's inviting comments from Canadians to the question, "What would you do for the environment if you were Prime Minister?"

Tom Harris sent him a response by video. Watch it here.

You can send your thoughts, in text or video, to David Suzuki here

Update: commentary on David Suzuki from Joseph C Ben-Ami, Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values:

Witnesses in a legal trial are sometimes compelled to answer questions that have little or nothing to do with the subject they are testifying on in order to determine whether or not their word can be trusted in the absence of incontrovertible, corroborating evidence. If it can be shown that the witness is a liar, then the veracity of their testimony can, and should, be called into question.

Which brings me to the subject of David Suzuki.
You'll want to read it all.

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