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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Solomon: 'Denier' a hateful word

Lawrence Solomon acknowledges that his use of the term "denier" in his recent series of articles on global warming skeptics was ill-advised.

Most of the deniers I have written about have suffered for their scientific findings -- some have been forced from their positions, others lost funding grants or been publicly criticized. In writing about these 10, I have inadvertently added to their anguish. None among the 10 welcome the term "denier" -- a hateful word that I used ironically, but perhaps illadvisedly.


Although most of the 10 deniers see little or no evidence from their own work that humans harm the climate, most nevertheless blame humans for global warming, on the basis of research conducted by others. In effect, most of these scientists are saying: "Don't call me a denier --I'm sure the research by others is sound. It's just that, in my own area of research, I have found nothing of concern."

So what science might these 10 endorse, based strictly on their own research, rather than the research that they accept from the IPCC consensus?

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h/t: Just Right and Kitchener Conservative

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