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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kyoto’s Future

A report from Christopher C. Horner, Esq. called Kyoto’s Future, Post-Nairobi and Going Forward in 2007 is subtitled: How a post-2012 Kyoto pact is impeded not by U.S. Actions, but the failure of Europe and other Kyoto Parties to reduce emissions, and continued rejection of rationing by the vast majority of the world.

An exerpt from the report's conclusions:

...since Kyoto the U.S. has outperformed the pact’s major parties – both covered and exempt – in terms of CO2 emissions. The disparity is even more exaggerated over the past five years for which data are available (2000-2004). As such, any claim that, now, it is the U.S.’s turn to do what the rest of the world is purportedly doing can only be a call to abandon our embarrassing position as a world leader in favor of a failed scheme.

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